Вы впервые услышали о новом препарате Диэнай®. Его название – неологизм, образованный от английской аббревиатуры DNA, что означает молекулу ДНК, основного носителя генетической информации человека. Со времен 60-х годов, когда впервые был открыт наследственный код ДНК, многие ученые безуспешно пытались использовать эту уникальную молекулу для лечения различных заболеваний.



Via any transportation
bus-stop “Circus”.
Entrance is through the
“Cofemolka” cafe , third floor.

Cheluskintsev Str., 44/1,
Novosibirsk, 630132

Phone: +7 (383) 243-60-00

                 +7 (383) 243-60-01

               +7 (383) 243-60-05 - Preparation consultations

Skype: dnaclub_doctor  

E-mail: region@nsk.scpb.ru


Welcome to the Dnaclub portal! 

Try to recollect in one minute some of the most prominent, to your mind, inventions in medicine. Antibiotics? Insulin? Radiodiagnostics? Has the minute already passed? However, nothing should be more important for us than our health.

Why do we readily accept new technologies as, for example, cell phones, different types of communications, information sources and, at the same time, refuse of progressive ways of health maintenance and disease prevention?

The main difficulty of the modern medicine is neither development of a new molecule and formula, nor their compatibility determination, nor even creation of more practically feasible diagnostic techniques. It is, strange though it may seem, our digestive system. Digestive system it is that provides our body with nutrients, prevents bacteria normal existence intercepting, along with that, uptake of drug substances deconjugating and neutralizing their useful characteristics.

20 years collaboration of physicists and biologists in Novosibirsk Science Campus, long way of researches and experiments until the desired breakthrough, and the Axis™-technology was presented to medical community. Nowadays we can put this technology along with wireless technology, electricity and microrobots – we can not manage without it any more.


Адреса  и контактные  данные  наших представителей на територии России и за рубежом. Для получения информации кликните по карте.

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